Transforming workplace wellbeing through coaching, support and strategic interventions.

A comprehensive, tailored suite of services to ensure that you, your fellow leaders and your teams are thriving now and are prepared for the workplace of the future.

About Us.

Natalie Hall

Executive and leadership coach and consultant

Natalie Hall

I’m Natalie Hall, an accredited executive and leadership coach and consultant who specialises in emotional intelligence, resilience and wellbeing for leaders and organisations.

Phanella Fine

Executive and leadership coach and consultant

Phanella Fine

I’m Phanella Fine, an accredited coach and leadership consultant specialising in purpose-driven leadership, inclusivity and wellbeing.

This is not a typical leadership development programme.

Many of you and your teams are working longer hours with blurred home and work-lives, managing crisis situations and anxiety all with little notice or preparation. Even before the current situation, people were routinely overwhelmed, overloaded and stressed. And the unique and unexpected pressures of this crisis can exert a huge personal toll on your staff in terms of stress, anxiety and coping with change. Your businesses are having to adapt quickly and reshape ways of working in record time potentially for the long term – but what does that mean for your culture and your people?

We are experts in creating great places to work.

We know that resilient and calm people led with compassion and emotional intelligence produce the best results.

And we believe that now, more than ever, the most successful workplaces will be those that support their people to stay motivated, engaged and happy through this period of unprecedented change. This means demonstrating true self compassion, empathetic leadership, managing the whole person and understanding that productivity and wellbeing can co-exist.

We know how to create compassionate cultures.

Leaders at all levels must be able to:

  • Embed wellbeing in the heart of a corporate culture – understanding that a true transformational wellbeing strategy runs deeper than gym memberships and free fruit;
  • View ourselves and others with genuine compassion: be emotionally intelligent a human leaders;
  • Operate our businesses as resilient leaders of resilient teams;
  • Manage our stress levels, anxieties and negative thought patterns to show up as calm, measured and thoughtful in the face of adversity;
  • Understand our purpose, showing-up authentically;
  • Be able to align this purpose to that of the organisation – and perhaps change the organisational purpose for the better; and
  • Ensure that we communicate clearly, openly and from the heart – engaging multi-generational teams.

Through Rise Wellbeing this is what we do.

  • Fuse wellbeing, leadership coaching and consulting to create a holistic approach;

  • Leverage our deep understanding of how to create change in both teams and individuals;

  • Use our existing knowledge and in-depth research to treat each business/team/individual in the most effective way;

  • Design a wellbeing approach which is based on understanding the individual and their context, treating the root cause not just focusing on the hygiene factors – building on this to drive cultural change; and

  • Support you to translate the experience from the last few months into a resilient an modern business model.

How do we do this?

We are supporting organisations to embrace the changes of the past 3 months and use them as a catalyst to look at company cultures. Our interventions operate from the top down, changing leader behaviours and highlighting the underlying purpose of individuals, teams, leaders and the wider organisation, as well as from the bottom up, providing group and individualised coaching and training across a range of wellbeing areas.

We have created a comprehensive but tailored suite of services designed to get to the heart of a corporate culture via its people, focusing on building resilience, creating a wellbeing culture (and measuring its success) and dealing with anxieties, stresses and communication challenges.

As expert coaches, consultants, facilitators, we provide a range of services – bespoke to your organisation.